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Beyond Nines provides the best of both worlds — expertise in Blackbaud® software with the quality service you deserve. We’re building a global community of nonprofit leaders ready to effect change and make a difference through their causes.


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You have options for hosting your Blackbaud® software suite. Learn how specialized third-party hosting can give you both the flexibility and control you need at a competitive cost.

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Beyond Nines is an independent provider of professional and hosting services. Blackbaud® has asked us to display this message prominently on our website so that visitors don’t mistake Beyond Nines for Blackbaud®:

Beyond Nines is in no way affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by Blackbaud, Inc. Blackbaud, Inc. does not provide training materials or any form of certification to outside consultants. Neither the content of this website nor the content of the consulting and/or training services offered by Beyond Nines have been provided or otherwise approved by Blackbaud, Inc. and, therefore, Blackbaud, Inc. is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the services offered by Beyond Nines. Blackbaud®, The Raiser’s Edge®, and The Financial Edge® are registered trademarks owned by Blackbaud, Inc.

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